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Creating a website is now very easy. We are preparing your website at an affordable price. We are at your service with mobile compatible websites.

There are some services and components that are necessary for the website setup and that you need to pay attention to. These components form your website and also provide the quality of your service and ease of use during and after the website setup. The most important components and services required for websites that you may be satisfied with;

Hosting (disk space where your site is hosted)
Domain (Web addresses with domain name siteadresi.com extension)
Web software is called the design used by coding. It is very important to choose sites prepared with correct coding.
Corporate Mail Address, This service is an option required for people who want to open an e-mail address with a site address extension and use it. For example: info@uzmantescil.com.tr such addresses.
SSL Certificate, if there is no security certificate when accessing websites, now Chrome etc. browsers are not safe for sites.
Free technical support, support is always required on the websites you have installed, you should definitely keep this issue in the foreground.
Backup service, When buying a website, you should definitely pay attention to the backup service. User errors that may occur on the sites can at least be reversed.
Mobile-friendly designs, You should make sure that your websites are mobile-friendly. As it is known, 70% of website visits are now made via mobile devices. If your designs are not mobile-friendly, you will lose a lot of potential traffic.
New generation quality servers, The quality of the servers that your sites host affects the speed and performance of your site. Do not forget that in sites that will open late, users will not wait too long, and they will leave before the site is opened.
Search engine friendly websites, It is very important that your sites are SEO supported. Because websites are ranked high in search engines, providing you with hundreds of thousands of traffic during the time the site is live.
All of our website packages have the above-mentioned features, and you can also edit as you wish through our management panels. From the moment you purchase our site packages, we offer continuous free technical support in the entire editing area and throughout the entire period of its publication. While we offer cheap web design services to you, we always prioritize your satisfaction.

While determining the prices of our website packages, we enable you to set up a cheap website at the lowest cost. We offer 24/7 free technical support in all our site services. We offer mobile compatible quality web design service. Mobile Phone, Tablet PC, Smart TV Compatible software.

SEO compatible websites

All of our website packages are prepared as search engine friendly. In the site packages we offer, you can easily edit fields such as keywords and title, which enable you to rise in search engines, from your panel.

All of our ready-made site packages have on-site SEO infrastructure. In this way, with the help of off-site seo, you can see your website at the top of google in a much faster and shorter time. In a short time, you can reach the level of your competitors and compete with them.

We register your website to all search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, for FREE. If you wish, you can benefit from your ready-made site content by purchasing it with an additional agreement from us. Promotion on social media etc. other works belong to our customers.

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