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In case of any inconvenience regarding our services and products regarding the Expert Registration, you can return certain services you have received through our website. The Buyer may request a refund within 15 days from the date of purchase of the Service. However, if the return request exceeds 15 days from the moment the user receives the service, cancellation and refund requests will not be processed.

Unconditional refunds are made for our customers' hosting and annual reseller service purchases. To create a return request, you can request a refund 24 hours a day by entering the expert registration customer panel.

Return Policy

According to the laws numbered 4077 and 4822 on the protection of the consumer, the definition of defective goods and services has been made and the return conditions have been determined. In order to request a return, the resellability of the product and service must not be damaged.

From this perspective;

* Domain name (domain) sale, renewal or transfer: Domain names that have been allocated, renewed or transferred on behalf of any person, institution, or product cannot be returned, since they cannot be resold during the period they are received from the international center and registered.

* Content Adding Service: Special content added to the relevant website cannot be returned, since the service provided after the preparation and uploading of the images cannot be resold.

*SSL Certificate: It is not possible to return the security certificate created internationally for the relevant website, as it cannot be resold.

*Ready Site Packages; It is offered for sale in ready-made site packages with domain license or open source code. It does not have the right to withdraw or change the domain after it is licensed to the domain shown by the buyer at the time of purchase or after its installation as open source. For Domaine licensed products, there is no license tracking system, license deletion cannot be done. For this reason, the use of the product emerges as soon as you receive the web design package you ordered. For this reason, there is no right of return, cancellation or withdrawal after the ready site package is installed on the domain. In products sold with open source code, there is no right of return, cancellation or withdrawal since the products can be directly copied and reproduced.

*Google Ads Advertising Consultancy Service; In the works performed during the advertising service, the balance of the advertisement is transferred directly to Google and the payment is made, and the service provided and the advertising fee used are instantly consumed, and since it is specific to your site, it cannot be refunded.

*The remaining amount will be refunded by calculating the amount of days used, excluding the installation fee, for the Annually Purchased Virtual Server and Dedicated services. There are no refunds on monthly purchases.

*Renewed services are not refundable as they have already been used before.

*In order to request a refund, the payment for the service must be made. The credit card commission received by the bank for payments made by credit card, and the transfer/eft amount for payments made by money order/eft will be deducted from the refund amount.

*After requesting a refund, you will be informed about your invoice by e-mail. You must issue a return invoice for the product/service to be returned and send it. In cases where it is not possible to issue an invoice, the invoice that you receive must be sent back. If the invoice has not been mailed to you yet, you do not need to take any action. In cases where the return invoice does not reach us, the invoice VAT fee is deducted from the refund amount.

* Shipping, postal etc. The costs of transportation and refund are reflected to the buyer and deducted from the return amount.

15 days after the purchase date; Refund and cancellation requests will not be processed in cases where the customer prevents the completion of the work and does not fulfill its obligations according to the law of obligations.

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