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We all know why sending ping is important. As it is known, even if we add a sitemap from google webmaster tools, it progresses slowly and stubbornly in indexing sites, which probably prevents us from hundreds of thousands of hits. You can use ping sites for such problems.

You can try to index my page to google and other search engines or directory lists by regularly pinging my website. There are many sites on this subject, but let's share a few sites with you.

Footnote: You should not send pings continuously, it should be done with certain intervals and periods, otherwise you will get the opposite result, which will have negative consequences for you.

1. Google Ping googleping.com

2. Ping-O-Matic pingomatic.com 

3. Pingler pingler.com

4. Feed Shark feedshark.brainbliss.com

5. Ping Farm pingfarm.com

6. Bulk Ping bulkping.com

7. Pingoat pingoat.com

8. Ping My Blog PingMyBlog.com

9. Ping in ping.in

10. Pingates pingates.com.tested.website

11. Megri tools megritools.com/blog-ping-service

12. Ping Dad pingdad.com