How to Build a Website?

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Today, websites that are called businesses that are open 24/7 have now become the doors of income for individuals and institutions. From blog sites to forum sites, from e-commerce sites to company promotion sites, all sectors have started to take their place on the internet.

Especially in the last 5 years, all companies will have realized the power of the internet, every sector you can think of is now on the internet and in fierce competition. So how is it possible to build a website? How difficult can the process be?

In fact, setting up a website is not difficult as it is said, it is actually a very simple process. The important thing is that you decide what to build on when setting up the website. To put it simply, you need to decide what you are going to set up the website for and determine your website address. eg. Like Aksu Giyim aksugiyim.com.

What are the components required to set up a website?

If you want to build a website, some components are required, these are important requirements in site setup. To list them;

Domain name (Domain)
Hosting (Disk space where your site is hosted)
website software
In addition to these 3 requirements, since web browsers (browsers) classify their websites as not secure, SSL (Security certificate) is now among the components that should be.

Building a website is very easy if you have coding knowledge. Of course, for those who do not know this, you can easily set up a site with ready-made free cms available wordpress, joomla, opncart, etc. cms. But even in ready-made systems, they will definitely bother you. But these systems are also available in Turkish support forums on the internet.

If you do not want to deal with them, ready-made website systems will be ideal for you.

What is a Ready Site?

Ready-to-use websites are websites with a ready-to-use management panel. It is a useful quality website software where you can add your own content (contact information, sectoral information, about us, etc.) thanks to the management panel with templates and designs specially prepared for the sector for its users.

With these software, you can easily organize your site. And you can make your website appear on the internet.

Thanks to these easy-to-use systems, it is a great advantage for website owners to be able to make the necessary updates of your websites 24 hours a day, without needing anyone, while editing your own website without coding knowledge.

Where can I see and buy ready-made sites?

You can see our ready-made site packages at hazirsite.uzmantescil.com.tr. You can click on the link to view the models.

Domain name and hosting are offered as a gift for the first year in all of our ready-made site packages. In the following years, the domain name fee is paid in addition to the standard package. In our site packages, SSL (Security certificate) is provided free of charge.

You can get free support by opening a support request for any issue you are stuck with about your sites via our support desk 24 hours a day.

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