How to do E-Commerce on the Internet? How to Setup an E-Commerce Site Step by Step?

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With the developing technology, it has become mandatory to sell over the Internet, this system is a large market with both advantages and disadvantages, where you can constantly go further in commercial potential. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, continues his activity, which he started in a garage alone in 1994, now with a trillion-dollar (USD) group of companies, why can't you do this.

What is E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce)?

E-Ticaret (Electronic Commerce) is the name given to the transfer of some commercial activities to the internet and electronic environment through the internet, with the widespread use of the internet. All kinds of online shopping made on the Internet are considered as E-Commerce virtual shopping.

Investors or startups who want to get involved in e-commerce are most interested in "How to do E-Commerce?", "How to Prepare an E-Commerce Site?" “How to sell online?” It is in the form of "How can I set up an e-commerce site". In this article, it is to share with you the steps to be taken for e-commerce, which has very detailed stages to be considered, and to provide you with an idea about it.

When starting e-commerce, the biggest decision you need to make first is to determine which sector you will operate in, and to make a profit by preparing your site in accordance with this sector and advertising.

Set the Site Address!

After determining the sector in which you will do e-commerce, the most important detail you need to do is to determine a catchy name that is suitable for your sector and get this name. If you specify an address with the word of your industry in it, this will make it easier for you to rise in the search engines. eg. If you are going to operate in a sector on perfumery, we recommend that you choose a name such as Sevgiparfumeri.com

Get your ecommerce software!

After deciding on the sector and domain name purchase, get your e-commerce software that will help you to sell and add your products and go to the next step for hot sales. Expert Registration offers you options and packages for e-commerce software, so don't forget to call us.

Make your payment agreement.

The most important thing in Etcarette, rich payment options and installment options, we, as an expert registration, recommend you paytr and iyzico companies for payments by credit card.

Make a descriptive product demonstration

While adding your products on your e-commerce site, give more space to visuals and product descriptions because users want to learn what the product is and what they are buying because they are not face-to-face when purchasing products.


Remember, it is not enough to just build a site, advertise a lot on social media and search engines, so you can reach new users and grow your business by selling a lot.

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