How to make Yandex Site Address Extension Mail Service Settings?

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For those who want to use site address mail extensions in Yandex, we will explain in detail how we can organize our mail services with site address extensions via Yandex.

First of all, first of all, we log in through any browser (chrome, edge firefox, etc.) via the link "corporate.yandex.com.tr". After logging in, we register the domain name by entering the site address you want to use in the "Enter a domain name for your Yandex.Mail" section on the relevant link and clicking the "Add domain name" button.

After registering your domain name, Yandex will ask you to verify the domain name you have added to my site. This process is for the purpose of verifying whether the domain name you are performing the operation belongs to, and you need to verify. Yandex offers you multiple verification options when verifying your domain name. If you take action on any of the verification options under Verify that you are the owner of the domain name, the Verification process will take place in a short time.

After you verify your domain name, you need to edit your MX records in order to enable Yandex mail to work actively in order to use your mails actively.

It will be enough to edit your MX records from your hosting panel as follows.

Value — mx.yandex.net.

Even if your control panel does not add it by default, the dot at the end of the server name must be put.

Priority — 10

Specify any priority number other than zero if the priority value 10 is not provided at the control panel.

Subdomain (or Host) — @

Some control panels require you to specify your domain name instead of the @ sign (for example, example.org.). If you cannot specify @ or the field name, leave this field blank.

If this field cannot be found in the control panel, you may not specify anything.

If it is necessary to fill the TTL field, type 21600.

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