How to solve mail sending and receiving error in outlook?

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We will deal with the solution of the Outlook Send Mail Receive error, which is one of the most common errors in the outlook program, which is generally used by corporate mail account owners. You can review the rest of the article in detail.

First, check your mail settings:

  • email address (your username must be the same as your email address),
  • is your password spelled correctly – lowercase/uppercase different, and similar to zero and letter O. (you can set new password from control panel),
  • your server names (receiving and sending server name should be your mail.domain, like mail.foo.com)
  • server ports: SMTP (upload) port should be 2525, or 587. Download port should be 143 or 110.
  • Try turning off objects such as secure password and secure connection. (Note: You can also use the secure connection, but you will need to confirm the "certificate warning")
  • If your hosting is on our Windows servers (if your hosting package name starts with W, like W200), "My outgoing server requires authentication" should be selected, if you have Linux hosting (if your hosting package name starts with L), this should not be selected.
  • If these are correct, check your computer:
  • Some programs check your incoming and outgoing email. You cannot receive or send mail if these are not working properly:
  • Some Antivirus programs (we heard this in AVG and Norton/Symantec products)
  • Some Firewall/Firewall software (like Norton/Symantec)
  • We recommend disabling these programs, if it still doesn't work, remove it COMPLETELY from the system and try turning the computer off and on again.
  • If it still doesn't work, we recommend that you download and install a free software such as MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD instead of Outlook, but as successful as Outlook.

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