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What is a blog and what does it do?

With the developing technology, Blog has become a word heard by everyone. Blogs known as websites are not the types of sites known as subpages, contrary to popular belief. It is a site that consists of different articles on different topics.

The most important feature of blog sites is that they write the content written by the authors, especially from a first-person perspective. It is all of the articles written by adding their own ideas and thoughts. Bloggers always ensure that the article is prepared by reflecting their own ideas and thoughts on certain topics. Written articles are usually written on experiences and knowledge.

We constantly hear about the earnings from blog sites. So how do you earn money from blogging sites?

How To Earn From Blog Sites?

The biggest income of blog sites is mostly obtained from advertisements, advertisements are received through advertising networks or directly from advertisers. However, the most earnings worldwide are provided by the advertising network system known as Google Adsense. Earnings are earned by clicking on websites. Of course, you can find articles about adsense related to this.

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How to set up a blog site? What is required for a blog site setup?

In fact, the installation of blog sites does not have much difficulty in terms of procedure. It is very easy to use and install.

Requirements for a blog site;

  • Domain (Domain name)
  • Hosting (Disk space where your site is hosted)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Blog software (Wordpress recommended)


You can easily setup your website with the components I have mentioned above.

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